U.S. Media Hiding from the American Public the Reason for the
Unprecedented Sudden $10 increase in the barrel price of Oil

On June 6, 2008, the price of a barrel of oil jumped from the already high price another $10, inflicting still more financial harm upon the United States and its people. Virtually nothing was said by U.S. media and political pundits, or U.S. politicians, about "why" this sudden financial harm occurred.

But anyone doing an Internet search found dozens of foreign media reports on why the sudden financial burden was added. The cause?

Israeli Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz, former defense minister, stated that Israel would attack Iran if it didn't halt its development of a nuclear power facility, and stated that he had coordinated this decision and threat with U.S. officials (The White House politicians.)

President George Bush stated concurrently that the military option for the U.S. to attack Iran was still on the table. Until Bush leaves office, threat of a world-wide war triggered by his recklessness. lying, and support by his shills in and out of government, the media, and those who supported him, and those who still support him, remains.

U.S. politicians can't address the harm to America and its people from Israel's conduct for fear of being targeted by the powerful Israel lobbies, thereby selling the country down the river to protect their own position.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made sure that the Israel lobbies knew that they would continue to support Israel, despite the decades of terrorist acts bred by Israel's invasion and occupation of Arab land.

History shows that U.S. politicians sacrificed U.S. Navy personnel on the U.S.S. Liberty when Israel mounted military attacks on the U.S. ship for several hours, while the U.S. navy stood back.





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