Should Americans Care About the Deadly Consequences
Of Being A Perpetual "Feeding Trough" For
America's Con Artists in Government?

Should Americans care about Israel's killing of civilians in Gaza? Or Palestine? or Lebanon?

Will Americans pay heavily for supplying Israel with the military weapons used to kill civilians in Gaza, in Lebanon, and in Palestine?

Have Americans already paid a heavy and deadly price for enabling the killing of innocent people by Israel?

Here are some facts that Americans should consider, and presented by a former airline captain who lived and worked in the Middle East many years ago, at a time when Arabs and Iranians were friends of America:

  • The missile firings by Hamas into Israel are due to the frustration of not only the invasion and occupation that occurred since 1967, but the brutal killing by Israel of Arabs in the occupied territory, in Gaza, and in Lebanon.
  • Israel's response to these rarely fatal missile attacks, killing hundreds of innocent civilians, including many infants, children and women, is not justified. Attacks on those shooting the missiles are of course proper, but not the killing of innocent civilians, that now number into the thousands over the years in Palestine, Gaza, and Lebanon.
  • Israel's deadly response to the missile firings would be similar to thee United States bombing and killings thousands of Mexicans on the basis of the far greater harm done to the United States by another form of  so-called "terrorism," the drug smugglings and murders by Mexican drug cartels (funded by American drug users who financially support the murderous drug smugglers).
  • Hamas' anger is similar to what courageous Americans would do if another country, for instance, Mexico, were to invade and occupy parts of the United States, as Israel has done since 1967.
  • Hamas' anger is fueled by the phony efforts by U.S. politicians claiming to seek a solution to Israel's occupation, recognizing the talks as phony as Israel continues to build settlements in the occupied territory (that they obviously have no intention of giving up).
  • The one-sided military buildup of Israel by the United States, furnishing military weapons and money that were knowingly used against those who fought against the invasion and occupation by Israel. This policy formed the birth of the continuing increasing in people wanting to harm the United States. The United States call these people terrorists, for seeking to halt the brutal occupation by Israel. The hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001, were a ripple effect from the United States aiding and abetting Israel's brutal occupation and killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Palestine, Gaza, and Lebanon.
  • Israel's Mossad had for years been involved in smuggling drugs into the United States, as detailed in the book, Drugging America. These acts, along with the spying and the murder of U.S. Navy personnel, were subversive acts against the United States.
  • Israel's Mossad has committed assassinations in the United States of Americans (and citizens in other countries), as described in the books, Defrauding America and Drugging America.
  • Any U.S. politician that dares to make statements against Israel is not only falsely accused of anti-Semitism but also targeted for extinction, as many learned. In this way, Israel subverts the political process in the United States.
  • The massive power and influence of Israel in the United States insures that the American people will never know how the United States has suffered for its military and financial support for Israel and its aggression.
  • Incredibly, much of the American Evangelical church leaders have supported Israel, along with members of the church.
  • Israel played major supportive roles in numerous covert activities that subverted American interests, including such matters as October Surprise (detailed in Defrauding America) and other activities that had tragic ripple effects. Israel's ability to expose these corrupt activities by American politicians undoubtedly plays a certain role in controlling the withholding of information on Israel's hostile acts against the United States.

Here are a few other facts that Americans should know:

  • Israel had mounted a deliberate military strike against the U.S. Navy ship, U.S. Liberty, killing many American sailors. That attack continued for hours. U.S. knew of the ongoing attack and pulled by American forces, allowing American lives to be brutally ended, thereby placating powerful Israel groups in the United States. American lives were expended to placate Israel's politicians.
  • Israel had been spying on the United States and stealing its secrets for years, committing espionage against America. Among the most publicized spy cases were those of Jonathan Pollard and Ben-Ami Kadish. A New York Times article (December 31, 2008) made reference to Kadish with the following comments:
    • An espionage case that had threatened United States relations with Israel and stirred talk of the death penalty ended [when Kadish]  pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to reduced charges [reduced because of his age] of leaking classified military documents to the Israeli government in the 1980s.]
    • Mr. Kadish's case has been linked to the case of Mr. Pollard, which has long been a matter of contention between the United States and Israel, whose leaders have argued, unsuccessfully, for Mr. Pollard's release.
  • As long as the United States politicians and shills for Israel continue their deception, America and its people will pay the consequences.
  • Many citizens of Israel and in the same position as citizens of the United States, and against the conduct of their leaders. The primary blame is against the leaders, and not the average citizen who does not seem to have any control over what their leaders are doing.
  • Ignorance is not bliss! And Americans have paid and will continue to pay a heavy price for their ignorance of these and other areas of corruption.

The only interest this writer has is to expose matters that constitute corrupt acts, including those that subvert the interests of the United States. As for Israel, Americans have already paid a brutal price.

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