Areas of Corrupt Conduct That Enabled Simultaneous
Hijackings of Four Airliners On 9/11

Never revealed to the American public because of the complicity of many key people in government, there were two areas of corruption that enabled the easily preventable and prior notices. One of those areas were criminal, and had that criminal scheme not occur, there would be no 3,000 deaths on 9/11; no two deadly wars; no collapse of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria; no explosive growth of the small number of al Qaeda personnel; no ISIS; and no terrorist activities inside the United States.


Credibility Information


This information is provided by Captain Rodney Stich, whose unique activities involving aviation, government  intrigue, and foreign affairs, started in 1940 when he joined the U.S. Navy, a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the youngest Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II, an international airline captain, a corruption fighter, with decades of credibility, including  an unprecedented response from highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.



Details of what he and his group of several dozen other key insiders discover during several decades are found in the 20-plus print and eBooks that Captain Stich  wrote, can be obtained at

Primary Enablers of 9/11: Department of Justice Officials

Decades of Aviation Disasters From Major Problems
In "the Tombstone Agency"

Scheme by U.S. Department of Justice Personnel
 Had Repeated Catastrophic Consequences

Quick highlights of corruption that enabled the nation's worst series of terrorist attacks to occur:

Documented Details, as Discovered by Corruption Fighter, Captain Rodney Stich

In addition to the prior 35 years of discovering, reporting, and fighting the corruption in the FAA and of personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice, Captain Stich became the confidant of the mole in the al Qaeda cell providing the insider information on the planned al Qaeda attacks.  This was where the murders were going on with Mafia capo Gregory Scarpa, Sr. (The mole was the  son of the Mafia capo.)

Knowledge of Planned al Qaeda Attacks
Reported to FBI As the Information was Received


The mole received advance notice of several major terrorist attacks upon major U.S. targets. In sequence, these were the planned terrorist attack targets:

DOJ-Controlled 9/11 Commission Protected
The DOJ Enablers—Including Themselves!

The 9/11 Commission, staffed with high-level Department of Justice personnel involved in the deep-sixing of advance information, subverted the final report to insure that the corruption that made 9/11 possible—especially the actions by Department of Justice personnel—would not be known by the public. For instance:

Details and documentation on this relationship can be found in the following two books: Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda, and History of Aviation Disasters:  1950 to 9/11. The books are available in print and e-book formats at and other sources.

Letters sent to 9/11 Commission addressing part of the enabling causes that Captain Stich knew at that time:

Two world-record aviation disasters inside New York City, both preceded by enabling documented corruption.

Second Enabling Cause: Deadly Problems in The
FAA, As Reported for prior 30 Years

The federal agency primarily responsible for aviation safety is the Federal Aviation Administration, long called "the tombstone agency" for all the deaths made possible by the political management, incompetence, revolving door syndrome, and corruption. Just like almost every other government agency, except the consequences are and endless series of funerals!

Here is how former airline captain and than FAA airline safety inspector appeared in the picture:

The occurrence of the three airline disasters while the corruption was being reported by Stich during the hearings was such a major scandal that the cover-up continued, with the FAA Administrator and many others.

After the hearing cover-up, the primary enablers of the corruption were given outstanding performance reports and promotions—an ugly tribute to the people who died during these proceedings. The same culture continued, as did the resulting aviation disasters.

Far more details, in the not-for-profit book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11, by Captain Rodney Stich.

There Were, Consequences!

Enablers Shifting Blame from Themselves
To Innocent Afghans and Iraqis

U.S. politicians reacted to the 9/11 attacks—in which some of them were enablers—by covering up their enabling role and blaming Afghanistan and Iraq:

Grave Ripple Effects from Protecting U.S. Enablers

The effect of shifting blame from the primary enablers to innocent or minor groups compounded many times over the harm that America and its people have suffered and will continue to suffer:

Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories
Divert Attention from the Enablers

Impeding the public's learning the truth about the misconduct of people and groups in the United States that played a far greater role than any foreign group for the easy success of the 9/11 hijackers are certain conspiracy 9/11 theorists. The public's ability to understand the arrogant high-level corruption within government that played a greater role than any foreign group enabling the easy hijackings of four airliners, provided by professionals and insiders, is being blocked by people providing conspiracy theorists to the public. The following facts are examples:

Key People and Groups Threatened
If the Public Knew—and Reacted

The gravity of the criminal conduct, the gravity of the years of deadly and harmful consequences, and the broad spectrum of government entities complicit, along with key non-government groups, puts too many groups, and the backbone of government and society in the United States complicit, makes it improbable that the American public will ever learn, or understand, or have the courage to react.

The involvement of so many people in so many groups of the U.S. government—reflecting a criminalization of the U.S. government so serious that few people will consider it possible—insures that changes in the corrupt culture and endless series of worsening consequences will not occur (though possible).

Support for the Truthfulness
And Credibility References

Credibility References

Federal Crimes Committed by Enablers

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty of federal crimes, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Complicity: The state or condition of a person who is involved as an accomplice.

Accomplice: One who knowingly, voluntarily, and with a common interest with others, participates in the commission of a crime as a principal, accessory, or aider and abettor.

Principal: Under federal statutes, he who, in the commission of an illegal act with others, such as maintaining an illicit still, conducting a burglary or a holdup, arms and instructs his confederates to kill if obstructed in the attempt, with the purpose and intent that they do so, is in law a principal in any willful killing which results from carrying out those instructions. Young v. United States (CA 5 Tex) 97 F2d 200.

Accessory: A person who in some manner is connected with a crime, either before or after its perpetration, but who is not present at the time the crime is committed. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 115.

Accessory after the fact: A person who, knowing a felony to have been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the felon, or in any manner aids him to escape arrest. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 126.

Accessory at the fact: Persons who were present at the commission of a crime.

Aiding and abetting: A term in criminal law, meaning the advising, counseling, procuring, or encouraging another to commit a crime.

Aider: One who aids or abets; one who advises, co0unsels, procures, or encourages another to commit a crime. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 119.

Abet: To give aid, to assist, especially in the commission of a criminal offense. To exertion of a force, physical or moral, joined with that of another in the perpetration of a criminal offense. Anno: 5 ALR 786.

Abettor: One who aids, abets or instigates; one who advises, counsels, procures or encourages another to commit a crime. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 119.

Criminal complicity applies to a person who knowingly, voluntarily, and with common intent unites with the principal offender in the commission of a crime. One who is in some way concerned or associated in commission of crime; partaker of guilt; one who aids or assists, or is an accessory. One who is guilty of complicity in crime charged, either by being present and aiding or abetting in it, or having advised and encouraged it, though absent from place when it was committed, though mere presence, acquiescence, or silence, in the absence of a duty to act, is not enough, no matter how reprehensible it may be, to constitute one an accomplice. One is liable as an accomplice to the crime of another if he or she gave assistance or encouragement or failed to perform a legal duty to prevent it with the intent thereby to promote or facilitate commission of the crime.

No One to Punish the Guilty

When the system becomes corrupted to this extent, with the unprecedented occurrences of great harm, death, and  catastrophic effects—aided and abetted by most government and non-government checks and balances—and the public is either kept ignorant of the corrupt, or too apathetic to read the available information or too indifferent, there doesn't seem to be any remedy.

One answer to the culture is a carefully selected and controlled system of ombudsmen at every level of local, state, and federal government charged with monitoring specific areas of government conduct, and composed of people as far removed as possible from any source of influence or bias.  And another level of ombudsmen to monitor the conduct of lower level ombudsmen. Such safeguards would be years down the road and requires intervention by a vocal and educated segment of the public.

The culture of those in firm control of key government offices has become so embedded that there is virtually no remedy. Except a powerful, informed, and outraged public.

Books by Professionals Documenting
Corruption in Government Operations






All of the books are available at, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

Do Nothing, and You Join the Long List of Enablers

Recognizing the gravity of these matters, and the great number of key people and groups complicit in the catastrophic events that were made possible by their corrupt acts, it should be obvious that the people in control of the system—and the news—-will never make any effort to have these matters known to the American people.

Only a courageous and vocal segment of the American people can attempt to right these wrongs. This cannot be done unless enough good people are willing to spend enough time to understand these issues and be fortified with the determination and outrage that is long overdue.